28 November, 2007

Red Frog Crew

The past 10 days have seen me on the Gold Coast leading the Red Frog Crew as our nations schoolies have partied hard. It's always an awesome week getting our hands dirty, and serving a generation.

I love this time of the year - a time to be out there, doing it, and not just sitting in my office preparing for something! 10 days on the Goldie getting very little sleep, crashing parties and helping a generation to party hard but party safe.

That's the thing I love about being a Salvo - it's not just all theory, but it is the practical living out of our faith - serving a generation, making a difference, being salt and light to our world.

And as for Schoolies, it's no where near as bad as the media portray it. With the 500 Red Frog Crew on the Gold Coast and other volunteers and emergency services personel, the event is safer and safer every year! This year - the best yet! The education program across 120 schools nation wide is making a huge difference in this event being one of the best the Gold Coast has to offer!

Check out http://blogs.news.com.au/couriermail/redfrog/ and see what else the Red Frog Crew got up to! It's amazing! Maybe you'll want to join us next year!


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