19 December, 2007

Ethical dilemas

I was in a very interesting situation yesterday.

I had a meeting with a company who is a big sponsor of a ministry we are involved in. In the area that they support us, there is no ethical issue - no injustice associated with that product.

However, in other parts of their company, there are some massive injustices being carried out - and I have been making a lot of noise about their involvement in it.

I walked away wondering what I need to do! Why did God put me in such a situation? What's my role in this situation? Do I accept their support because we are so linked with them and have been branded with them from the public - something which is a really positive thing, but then on the other hand I so disagree with their practices and what they are doing.

It's interesting when you fight for justice - ethical dilemas all around!

My prayer is that this relationship will open up opportunities to speak into the injustice that I see and that there could be some really helpful and honest conversations and that maybe we can work together to see Justice prevail.

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