16 December, 2007

It’s a bit of a clue!

I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who don’t get that Jesus is about a spiritual and social gospel, especially at Christmas.

He was born to an unmarried mother – one of the most stigmatised positions to be in all through history, in almost all cultures. It’s a bit of a clue!

His birth was heralded by shepherds, one of the lowest-paid, lowest-status jobs of the time, something like a toilet cleaner might be regarded today. It’s a bit of clue!

He was born in a building used for animal storage, amidst the characteristic mixed smells of animal faeces and feedstock. It’s a bit of a clue!

His first cot was a disused feeding trough. It’s a bit of a clue!

His family came from Nazareth, one of the most out-of-the-way and uncool places in the country. It’s a bit of a clue!

The political powerhouse of the time (Herod) was so concerned about the perceived threat of his birth he arranged for all boys under four to be slaughtered. It’s a bit of a clue!

He and his family ended up as refugees in Egypt for the first four years of his life. It’s a bit of a clue!

The events surrounding his birth happened entirely outside of the established religious system. It’s a bit of a clue!

And that’s before we begin to look at the rest of his life!


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