07 March, 2008

'Nobody puts baby in a corner'

Sorry for the lateness of the blog, but inspiration was lacking today. After a rather busy week I started to feel quite ill and had to cancel my afternoon plans and substitute them with a DVD. Can you guess the movie by the title of the blog? A great quote…but not really a quote or a movie that inspires a thought provoking or worthy social justice response. And yet…

I was out to coffee with some friends and their children tonight and spent a great deal of time talking with a ten year old girl. She was intelligent, competent, articulate, interesting and engaging. I was not humouring her in conversation, she was holding her own and we had a wonderful talk about a range of topics including food, sport, authors and the relevance and appropriateness of fantasy in a Christian child’s life. And there it was…Patrick Swayze’s passionate command popped into my mind; ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner’.

This child is ready and willing to contribute to the work of the Kingdom. She is ready for her share and not worthy of some token, cute part to play for our own amusement. She has a voice and a brain and would like to be given the opportunity to use both. But how often do we really trust that children have the capacity to make a difference now and not just in the future? It is so often children that are affected by unjust situations, and their voice so often muted. Advocacy is wonderful but empowerment takes children out of the hidden corner and onto centre stage.

And centre stage she will have. She will be speaking publicly at Freedom day on the issue of child slaves. This will be no performance. She will be researching and writing her own speech and be rest assured she will expect you to take her seriously. Will you?

- Remember Freedom Day in Melbourne is on Saturday 29th March from 2-5pm in the Box Hill Gardens, Nelson Rd Box Hill. It is going to be an awesome day with great amusements for both kids and teens, important information on the chocolate slave issue and an exciting march through Box Hill. Don’t miss out!

Pray hard,

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