10 May, 2008


May 9, 2008
More than one million homeless in Burma are battling to stave off disease and hunger, but the military government maintained tight limits on foreign assistance six days after a massive cyclone.

With death toll estimates near 100,000 and the clock ticking for those who survived, Burma's junta - long suspicious of the outside world - came under new pressure to fully open up to help from abroad.

Aid was only trickling in despite warnings that specialists were needed to deliver food and water into disaster zones strewn with rotting bodies, and it was unclear if the regime had yet given visas to foreign aid staff.

United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes said he was "disappointed" with Burma over its failure to facilitate entry to more foreign relief workers and supplies to cope with the disaster.

And UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged the regime to focus on mobilising resources to cope with the cyclone disaster rather than on the upcoming constitutional referendum.

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