12 May, 2008


A huge way we can contribute towards justice on the earth is through prayer.
Here are some times available for the 24/7 prayer coverage of The Salvation Army in Aus. Southern Territory...
why not get some friends together and pray for God's justice to rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven!

Monday 5th May (from 7pm) - 9th May (7 pm)
11th ( 7pm) - 27th May (7pm)
28th (7pm) - 31st May (7pm)

if you could take a week/a day or even an afternoon or evening please click here.

if you'd like to sign up for Freedom Fridays (fasting and prayer every friday at noon) email justsalvos@aus.salvationarmy.org with freedom friday in the subject line and you'll receive a prayer guide every fortnight to help you pray!

Your Kingdom come!!
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