23 July, 2008

Faith on Film Festival

Hi everyone,

My name is Sarah Brinkley, I'm a 21 year old soldier from Adelaide, and this is my first blog!

I went to see the new Batman movie at Hoyts with my brother last night, which by the way is well worth seeing, but I was interested by an ad that was shown before the movie started. It showed several clips from popular movies with quotes from famous actors etc. over the top: know the one? There was a fasinating quote from Marilyn Monroe: "It's all make believe, isn't it?".

Then as I walked out of the cinema I grabbed a flyer about the 'Faith on Film Festival' currently running at selected Hoyts cinemas. Movies showing include many christian movies and documentaries with several focusing on social justice issues. For more information head to:

I couldn't stop this quote running through my head as a glanced at all the movies available about poverty, sex trafficking, exploitation and despair. It would be nice if these movies were all make believe as much as Batman was. But they're not. So let's keep fighting the good fight until they are.

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