25 July, 2008

The world has gone mad!

I was at breakfast program at the high school, reading the paper as I do every Tuesday and Thursday. There are two things the students expect each week. One is that at 8.30, we will attempt the super quiz. I am not sure anyone has ever scored over 3 points but the tradition goes on and the kids insist that it does. The second thing they expect is that at some point I will read something in the paper that fires me up and sends me into some kind of human rights, socialist rant that usually lasts about two minutes. The students find it very entertaining though they usually have little idea of what I am talking about. They just smile and nod in agreement and then the conversation turns back to cars or sport or how it can be humanly possible to consume a massive tin ofmilo every week (wait, that might be me again!)

Well, the article that sent me bonkers this week (sorry, I can't work the archive section properly so I can't attach the link) told of the dilemma of cheap clothes in Australia. It asserted that the multitude of $10 clothing items mean that females have an enormous excess of clothing and are buying more each week. The problem? Well the environment of course! It has become a landfill issue! We can't dispose of all of the clothes that are being thrown out! We have so many clothes we don't have enough room to bury them all! We are being buried by own own excess!

Oh my! Has the world gone completely mad! How do people not stop to see the plethora of 'real' issues attached to the problem posed. Let's ask some real questions...why are people wasting money on clothes they don't need while people around the world are dying?! How could any article of clothing, especially one not made in Australia, cost $10 without someone along the line having their rights abused?! Where do people think these clothes come from? Who do they think make them? And how much money could that person possibly be earning? Why do we continue to sit by and do nothing?!!! When will people wake up from their greed and gluttony???!!!

It's at that point the kids smile, say 'it's going to be allright Gen' and then we all go back to our usual movements for the day. I guess that's the challenge isn't it? It's not seeing injustice, it's not being informed about injustice, it's not even ranting about injustice. It's about changing injustice. How are we going to do that today?

I will pick up the theme of my last blog another time.

Have a great week,


Shaz said...

I've had similar feelings in regards to a Christian group that regularly meet at our local shopping centre. They meet 2-3 times a week and each time buy coffee, cake, lunch, breakfast or go to the movies. I know I have no business telling people what they should/shouldn't spend money on, but, I have challenged them and asked hypothetically if they could find $50.00 (from about 50 people) to help towards a particular project overseas that I have been raising funds for. No-one was keen! At least they were thinking.... till I see them again!

Anonymous said...