05 July, 2008

Show some respect!

Truly…this week will be really short!!!

I was in Adelaide last weekend at an awesome children’s day. The theme came from 1 Timothy 4:12 which begins with ‘don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young’. For children, this verse inspires courage despite age and encourages great action regardless of the lack of faith shown by those older and possibly wiser. But what does this mean for us adults? Does it mean we treat children as independents who are left to think for themselves and deal with ramifications? That could get messy.

For me, it means that we treat children with respect. But, what does it mean to respect a child? It is a huge concept and one that is often overlooked. And yet, if we (parents, teachers, politicians etc) respect children fully, how will this effect the education/healthcare/welfare etc systems we create? Or looking globally, if we really respect a child, how will this effect the type of aid we produce within a third world context. The question needs to be explored and we need to move beyond typical values associated with the care of children. So, think about it this week and feel free to comment and I shall explore the justice components in response next week.

Have a great week!


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Alexander said...

To me, this verse speaks to kids' ability to contribute to meaningful ministry. Sure, our kids need to be discipled and ministered to, but they can also minister and evangelise to their friends and family, older and younger.

'Not looking down on our children' recognizes that they can offer meaningful service.

Let's celebrate the contribution children make to worship and warfare, bless them in it, and encourage their growth in it.