21 August, 2008

Church Planters

Hello, I’m Liam and this is my first entry on the JustSalvos blog. Today I had the privilege of listening to two church planters. The two planters had both planted missional communities here in Melbourne, funnily enough in the same suburb. They were from two different denominational backgrounds. Both of their stories were tied together by one key theme. Their missional imperative flowed from a realisation that the kingdom of God is the key message of Jesus’ life and ministry. Further to that, they both spoke of how they came to realise that the kingdom of God is a present reality and that it is the responsibility of the church to live that reality. The church is to live that reality and to invite others into that reality. Both were keen to encourage their ‘church plants’ to engage in acts of service within their community. One leader spoke of how his church learnt the principle that worship should be “95 percent acts of service and 5 percent singing.” One of the leaders spoke of the problem he has seen with the missional paradigm of Christianity. What he said has been going over in my head ever since. He said, “Most evangelisation today is built on the following question. ‘If you were to die today, when you got to the pearly gates would you know where you are going?’ However that totally misinterprets the kingdom of God. The question should be ‘If you knew you would live forever then what type of person would you like to become?’” Reading that one paragraph without the context of the leader’s talk you might think that he is heading down the route of pop psychology. However his question goes to the heart of our understanding of the kingdom of God. What do you think our churches would look like if we took that question to be our reason for being? I think that the church should be about God calling people to be all that they can be. It is a gathering of people who are on the journey of becoming who God has created them to be. What about you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Liam

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