05 August, 2008

International Call to Pray for PEACE

Sept. 21st marks the international day of peace and the General is calling all Salvationists to pray for peace on earth.
Considering war is one of the main causes of extreme poverty - and that more money goes into arms and military spending than anything else... it's time to pray and pray hard.

Why not download a poster and host a prayer rally in your local community/corps?
Be blessed as a peacemaker.
go to justsalvos for more resources on the day.

And the leaders of the world today talk eloquently about peace. Every time we drop our bombs in North Vietnam, President Johnson talks eloquently about peace. What is the problem? They are talking about peace as a distant goal, as an end we seek, but one day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. All of this is saying that, in the final analysis, means and ends must cohere because the end is preexistent in the means, and ultimately destructive means cannot bring about constructive ends.

--Martin Luther King, Jr., "A CHRISTMAS SERMON" 24 December 1967

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