15 August, 2008

Living as a community in mission

I am currently sitting watching three of my children's leaders sing and dance to Billy Ray Cyrus. Why? Well, we had had enough of Spice Girls! But seriously, we are having a little girls sleepover tonight and have broken out the sing star. The joy of opening your house to the children of the community. My smile gets bigger as each burger ring gets slowly but convincingly crushed into the carpet. And my brain shrinks with each new rendition of 'Barbie Girl'. I guess I just ask that you forgive the quality of the blog.

I was reflecting, though, on the beauty of community. At this moment, in my lounge room, I have a group of children, most of whom struggle with various social issues and a bunch of middle class Uni students. We are all in PJs, all singing and all having a marvelous time. There is unity and joy despite a zillion differences within our group.

It's moments like these that I praise God I was introduced to Jesus and to The Salvation Army, and to Reservoir. For me, life is very good! But I also love these moments, because they give me a glimpse of heaven, and it is good!

Who says doing mission and living as a disciple is a hard life of sacrifice? Though Billy Ray did make it a little more uncomfortable than necessary :-)

Have a great week!


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Heather Princess said...

Great blog Gen! Community is so important! Sounds like you guys had a great time!