02 August, 2008

The Peoples Games!?

Hi, Matt here, a new recruit to Justsalvos, from Adelaide.

As i picked up my paper this morning i noticed the special Olympic Guide inside, woo hoo i thought as a sport lover, i now knew when all my favorite events were on, and how many nights I'd be up until 2am!! But as someone with a heart for human justice, was i going to enjoy these games as i had in the past. I was there in Sydney, oblivious to any issues, wearing my green and gold as i cheered on the team, but now with more knowledge and awareness was i going to enjoy these games?

China, the great economic superpower, the largest population in the world, has given the world cheap labour and Chinese takeaway delights!
So as i browse through 'The Australian' this morning i come across not just the 'nice' stories of the games but those reports of human rights violations and the plight of the people of china. After reading the paper i flick on TV and find another documentary highlighting the homeless in Beijing. So will this Olympics be different from the rest? in the days of organic, fair trade 'cool' even at Maccas! Will the media spotlight change anything?

One particular article reported that china was getting it's deserved Internet freedom back, with restricted sites such as amnesty international getting it's ban lifted! This is a special once only Olympic offer! another article contradicted the freedoms by reporting that censorship was at an all time high in order to keep the games running 'smooth'. Street concerts were out, singers must submit lyrics for public performances to the sensor, and the broadcast within china is going to be delayed by ten seconds, just in case.

The peoples China, hosting the peoples Olympic Games, which has the motto 'One world, One dream'

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