01 August, 2008

Yet another one on children...

This is more of a salvo one for today, just because it related to children and I thought it worthwhile in light of the previous blogs on children...

I heard a fantastic idea floating around the blog world…a Children’s Brengle Institute! It would be an opportunity for a select group of children to receive teaching on holiness and sanctification over the course of a camp. The fruit of such an investment? Well I think that covenanted children coming to an event designed for sanctification would radically change The Salvation Army for the next seventy years! I think that giving children the opportunity to have their faith taken seriously will not only multiply the fruit of the kingdom through the children individually, it will multiply the faith of adults who see the child's purity and happiness restored and reproduced in countless others. I think that we have waited far too long and have wasted time investing in just about everything else but children. I think the time is coming when we will start to see the revolution we have been praying for, only to find that it is very different to what we expected, in that it will be catalysed by children.

As an Officer with a lean toward advocating the importance of respecting children, I am excited at this move. It is a step toward building a stronger movement and that is a huge progression toward growing the kingdom and radically changing the world! Bring it on! The children are ready and waiting for someone to take them seriously! Start praying for it now.

And for those of you who only want social justice specific thoughts on this blog and perhaps don’t see the importance of respecting the child, I’ll throw this in for you. Did you know that approximately eleven million children under the age of five die for reasons relating to poverty each year? That is half the population of Australia! Now, let me ask you…do you think the people of this world care deeply for our children and respect them and their rights, and hear their voice? I’m not sure how we can answer yes and acknowledge the statistic above at the same time. I guess my point is, if children are ignored, they are left to deteriorate. In the developing world, this means death in every sense of the word. In The Salvation Army world, this means death of spiritual growth and kingdom fruit. It is unfortunate, but undeniable.

Pray for a child this week and make a difference in their life. Ring THQ and get yourself another sponsor child. You are changing the future if you do.

Have a great week,

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