21 October, 2008

Can we be the fence?

Thanks Gen for your challenging blogs on simple living. With the financial crisis constantly in our faces and still the need to consume being an ongoing drive in western culture I fear we will only get into more debt.

Recently we have seen the government increase money that is available to groups deemed disadvantage, including those looking at buying their first homes. But with that will we see banks willing to lend more, recently one bank (who I won’t name) are offering mortgages to people who can use the first home owners grant as their whole deposit. I am not against what seems to be a generous idea, but people continue to be driven to have the goods and by institutions offering this type of finance, will we create an even bigger credit debt? Will people being given money but not given the skills to know how to budget and live accordingly to their income only generate more chaos and disadvantage them further?

I do recognise that there are those whose income is not enough to live on and this we want to call the government, the church and people into action to do something about. Do we need to be speaking out more against credit debt and financial lending, offering people the knowledge, education and skills to understand and deal with these big institutions?

If we remain quiet and continue to be at the bottom of the cliff, we will only be overrun with the people needing assistance to live, we need to be the fence at the top, stopping people before they fall. Most of all as Christians we need to be a good example of stewardship and love so that those who are falling, hurting and getting into debt are received with grace and provided a hope.

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