24 November, 2008


Here's some information about the link between family break down and poverty in Australia with some stats.

"Family breakdown is contributing to child poverty and 13% of children are living in households without a parent in employment, a Federal Government report says. The proportion of children living in jobless households is "relatively high", according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies report. It says there has been only a slow decline in the number of jobless households over the past decade, from 18% in 1983 to 13% in 2007, despite the strength of the economy over that period.

And with the current economic situation uncertain, there are fears the proportion of jobless families may start to grow again. In Australia, about half of all single parents are employed, compared to an OECD average of 70.6%. The report says this highlights the role that family breakdown plays in putting children at risk of poverty. The high rate of jobless families was concerning because it could lead to a continuing cycle of joblessness in a family, said the institute's director, Alan Hayes."

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

Pretty scary stuff. God grant us wisdom and Your heart of love in dealing with this.


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