26 November, 2008

Housing Australia

The Federal government as of Nov 21st has announced its new framework for crisis and community housing.


As housing becomes a greater need and we begin to reassess and look at the way housing is provided by NGO's including The Salvation Army, we again need to look at models of service. For many years crisis services have not been enough as there are no exit points for clients that are supportive, suitable and encompass holistic living.

We may now have the opportunity to respond in a way that is preventative and proactive but will need a lot of consideration about the process of how to get there.

Services currently turn away 100's of people per month who need housing due to homelessness, family breakdowns and crises that people experience. This is not good enough for a society that is enriched with many opportunities. Without housing people can not ensure stability and therefore will remain in chaos or crisis, we need to support and establish people so they can continue to develop and work things out. Stable housing is the first step for many people, its time things changed.

Change is possible, so let’s be the change and make it happen, whatever that is!

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