08 November, 2008

A Prayer & Pledge for Real Change

Jim Wallis, of Sojourners Magazine here in the US has released a video message to President-elect Obama. In this video, he introduces a citizen movement that will both pray for Barack Obama and hold him accountable to the things he promised during his campaign.

~ Rob


Anonymous said...

This guy is a charlatan and has helped usher in the death of freedom and the new world order under our new communist dictator Obama.

Next thing they will ask you to do is drink the poison like Jim Jones.

November 4, 2008 the Day America Died.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy ignorant? Obama IS working for the global bankers and special interests. They are already talking about a global currency and taking our IRAs. He is their PUPPET.

This guy also sanctions more takings of our money by government.

He is no soldier of GOD! He is a phony religionist...his religion is GOVERNMENT.