13 November, 2008

Prayers for Adelaide's Sudanese community

Yesterday afternoon on a city street in Adelaide, a young Sudanese boy, Daniel Awak aged only 14 years old was stabbed to death when a fight broke out between 2 groups of teenagers. Obviously, this devastating event has rocked Adelaide's Sudanese community; a community that has already suffered so much.

Adelaide is home to about 3000 migrants from war torn South Sudan, and they are a celebrated part of the Adelaide community. However, this event has sparked generalisations and fears of the presence of African gangs on Adelaide streets and could lead to the community being isolated or discriminated agaist.

It could also trigger increased fears and anxieties for Sudanese families living in Adelaide, which promised to be a safer place for their families than their homeland.

Please pray for the Sudanese community of Adelaide, especially for community leaders as they work with the community, police, and government officials to get to the bottom of yesterday's events and restore peace. Please also pray for Daniel's family and friends, including his classmates at Sacred Heart College, as they struggle to come to terms with this tragedy.


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