21 January, 2009

Except I Am Moved...

I was glued to my television set today watching the Inauguration of President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. The day was moving to be sure as the first black American was sworn into office on the steps of the Capitol building that was built on the backs of slaves a mere 200 or so years ago. Not to mention, just 40 years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood across the National Mall at the Lincoln Memorial and declared his dream for a country free from the evils of racism and segregation. Today, that dream was fulfilled in large part. But, I don't think the issue of racism is completely gone.

Feelings are still raw; people are still talking about it and hoping and praying that the election and installation of Obama will be the final nail in the coffin of such a social evil. A lot of rhetoric about peace and reconciliation has been voiced and it's is time for the rhetoric to end and action to take place.

For most of the day, the words of Albert Orsborn (1886-1967) kept playing in my mind:

The Saviour of men came to seek and to save
The souls who were lost to the good;
His Spirit was moved for the world which he loved
With the boundless compassion of God.
And still there are fields where the laborers are few,
And still there are souls without bread,
And still eyes that weep where the darkness is deep,
And still straying sheep to be led.

Except I am moved with compassion,
How dwelleth thy Spirit in me?
In word and in deed
Burning love is my need;
I know I can find this in thee.

O is not the Christ 'midst the crowd of today
Whose questioning cries do not cease?
And will he not show to the hearts that would know
The things that belong to their peace?
But how shall they hear if the preacher forbear
Or lack in compassionate zeal?
Or how shall hearts move with the Master's own love,
Without his anointing and seal?

It is not with might to establish the right,
Nor yet with the wise to give rest;
The mind cannot show what the heart longs to know
Nor comfort a people distressed.
O Saviour of men, touch my spirit again,
And grant that thy servant may be
Intense every day, as I labor and pray,
Both instant and constant for thee.

Until all of humanity is treated equally, I fear that the rhetoric is all that will continue to be heard. Now is the time for action; now is the time for the lines of racism not only to be blurred, but erased!

~ Rob


armybarmy said...

an amazing day for the whole world to watch with awe as God works His amazing Grace and Love through your nation... I'm praying that the prophetic call of Obama to the hearts of everyday Americans to celebrate diversity through the unity of love may resonate and grow fruit! May God's Spirit dwell in us indeed... thanks Rob.

joybells63 said...

How sad it is to see the current rhetoric and how fiercely racist it is.