11 January, 2009

A late but promising start to the year

The new year has well and truly kicked in. Resolutions that were made have by now, possibly, been broken and you have joined the masses in agreeing that resolutions are a bad idea. Well, here's an idea that might help. Don't make a resolution. Just live right!

This comes in the context of hearing a few talks by Steve Chalke
who is currently in Melbourne and kicking some justice butt! (I
apologise...I am not sure where that came from). Anyway, I have heard
him talk passionately and practically about human trafficking and have
watched many within the crowds simply not understand. They understand
Steve, and sometimes even agree with him just as passionately as he
delivered his message. But people don't seem to understand just how
involved they are in both the solution, and the problem of slavery. How
can this be? It's not rocket science! Vulnerable people all around the
world are being tricked, lied to, stolen, coerced and then sold...as
slaves! And they are not making cups of tea...they are being sold for
sex, or forced to kill, or chopped up and sold for body parts! This is
serious stuff, and yet I still continue to hear people whinge about the
'flavour' of fair-trade coffee as if slavery was a delicious taste, or
the 'inability' to give up yummy slave blood chocolate, or justify the
'bargain'tshirt the found which hardly shows any of the sweat from the
shop it came from. People just don't want justice I guess. Or are we
like addicts who say one thing but crack under the first sniff of

So here's the idea. Don't make a resolution to get skinny or save money or read more books, or any other selfish desire that intends to help just you. Make a decision to live a life that breaths justice principles. Don't do it for you, do it for the people who are dying for you, or better yet, do it for God.

If you don't know how, or you don't know what I am talking about, please go to the justsalvos homepage and check out the awesome events that are on for this week around Melbourne, and then make a decision to act in 2009. These events will spoon feed you all the info you need to get started. If you can't make them, then get on the net and start researching. But just act!

I am tired of hearing that justice is a big issue, as though that is a reason to not start! Get into it in 2009 and make it your life's work. No turning back, no giving up, no excuses. Let's bring some justice this year.

Good times,

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