01 February, 2009

A choice we must make daily

A great reflection from Jean Vanier...

"But if I get too near this woman,
if I listen to her
if I begin to know the names of her children
her past
her life
If I identify with her
I can't go on eating as I used to
I can't accept the luxury and the waste
If I truly love
if I feel concerned
my life must change
the time I get up and go to bed
the friends I talk with
go out with
eat with in smart restaurants
the books I read
the money I have to spend..."

The challenge to invest in the same way Jesus did is enormous and costly. We get scared. Understandable. But it is a plunge we must all take if we are to bring about true and lasting justice in our worlds. Please take the time to reflect on this and then, work out a way to move on it.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

begs the question 'what does love look like?'
surely not simply pity or guilt but genuine actions based on a willing surrender out of love.
great thing to think on - thanks Gen.