09 March, 2009

I'll Fight

I’ll Fight is an initiative of The Greater West Division Australia Eastern Territory that has been running for the past 2 years. We want to raise awareness and motivate people, both professionals and non professionals about social justice issues that affect us directly in Australia, as well as worldwide.

In 2009 I’ll Fight will be hosted over 4 Divisions of The Salvation Army’s Australian Eastern Territory (NSW/QLD/ACT). These include ACT/South NSW (2nd May 2009), Central North QLD (18-19th July), North NSW (3-5th April) and The Greater West Division (3-4th April – Parramatta, 17th October – Orange). Click on this link

We believe that Social Justice is something that should be on everyone’s agenda. So this year the message is going further than before, addressing more injustices than before and standing up ready to take action.

I’ll fight offers a response to injustices, by offering teaching, skill development, practical resources and a ‘Heart to God, Hand to Man’ approach. We don’t want to be reactive but rather proactive in our response to social justice. ‘I’ll Fight’ is part of the process of bringing about justice. It brings peoples attention to some of the injustices that are currently surrounding and weaving throughout society. It challenges us to do something about it, whether it is in our own neighbourhood or on a larger scale.

Working towards justice requires everyone to play their part, whatever that might be, but most of all it requires an open heart to those who are effected by injustice. Sometimes we get a glimpse of these injust situations and how can we turn our backs on our brothers and sisters in Christ? We need to be part of the change, the voice and the challenge to these injustices.

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redeemed said...

'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.' (Matthew 5:6) Thanks for the post, Timely contact and motivational.