10 March, 2009

Post-Christian America?

Recently, survey results were published in the US making the claim that America is becoming less Christian. According to the survey, 3 out of every 4 Americans consider themselves to be Christian, while 20 years ago that number was 9 out of every 10. The survey points out that people aren't turning away from Christianity to other religions, they're simply giving up on faith altogether. At the same time, the number of professing Muslims has doubled - from 0.3% to a whopping 0.6%!

Should this be cause for alarm? I suppose it depends on how you look at it. If you consider America to be a bastion for all things Christian, then storm the forts! We're under attack! However, if you believe America to be a melting pot of all things religious, then this is to be expected. I don't believe that America was founded on true Biblical Christianity, as many others do. Sure, the founding fathers claimed knowledge of the Scriptures and implemented certain principles and morals from it's pages, but it wasn't to set up a "Christian" nation per se. I believe that America's founding fathers wanted to get as far away from State Religion as they could, hence the trek across the pond.

This survey highlights the fact that even in America we've embarked upon days that are to be described as post-Christian. No longer is it to be expected that our children will know the story of Adam and Eve or even Peter, James and John in the sailboat. This is all the more reason to redouble our efforts to proclaim the message of peace that is separate from nationality or allegiance to a flag.

~ Rob

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