21 March, 2009

Stop to think about it...

What do you suppose the ministry implications might be?

~ Rob


armybarmy said...

the implications are hard to get to:
could range from the need to create more effectively, flexible and fast messages, gospel presentations that can compete... training courses on line etc...
OR it could also mean that a counter-cultural revolution is in order... the kind where you actually show up in another person's home and have some contact with something and someone other than a screen... a hunger for a slower, more substantial existence... a Jesus who is less technical and more relational... the true hunger of a generation over-baked with information and technology and fast-pace is perhaps a saviour who takes His time, spends and wastes it on them and creates authentic community...
just thinking.

Rob Reardon said...

Well said, D. Almost exactly what I was thinking. We try too hard to compete in the techno-realm, without getting the hoped for results. What is needed is more "Zacchaeus, come down from that tree, today I'm coming to your house for tea..."

Amy said...

Yes, I think society is or will soon be desperate for the human touch, and we'd better take advantage of it. God forbid that we drag our heels, that all of society is too lazy to be personal - if that happens, then one day it will be too weird to make human contact! But, back to ministry. It is a good time for reaching out in the most tangible of ways.

I also want to mention that the older you are the more overwhelming society is becoming. At 44, I find it much harder to keep up with the latest of everything, and sometimes I can't comprehend any more and I just tune it out. I think there are two reasons for this:
1. My generation didn't grow up with all of this.
2. The brain doesn't function like it used to - it is just mentally harder to learn and to keep up.

Why do I mention that? Because we can't forget to minister to those who are middle-aged and over. They are thirsting for old-fashioned human contact. And one of the things an older person cherishes most, I think, is human contact from a younger person. It reminds them that they matter and that their experience and knowledge is valued, even if they don't know how to use an iphone. Young people shouldn't miss the opportunity to minister to other generations, and vice versa.

I'm wandering, I suppose. But it all connects in my head. :)

- Amy