30 April, 2009

Baby Nicholas

This story caught my eye on yahoo today...
"Baby Nicholas, the newborn dumped at a Sydney tip just over two months ago, has been buried at the city's Rookwood Cemetery. About two dozen members of the public turned out to farewell baby Nicholas. He has been buried in a tiny, baby blue coffin, adorned with flowers and teddy bears. It was a far different scene to the pauper's funeral he seemed destined for until members of the public and the state coroner intervened to give him a proper burial. Baby Nicholas's body was discovered at a waste facility in Sydney's south-west in February. Police tried but failed to find the baby's mother. Several officers touched by the emotional case attended today's funeral."

Now I am not known for being a crazed pro-choice or pro-life activist (though I am obviously pro-life), but I will say it does confuse me that the public can be so emotional and concerned about the well- being of babies and children, but have no concern with thier welfare prior to their birth. Is there something life giving as a baby exits the womb? Is it only then they become a 'real' person that is worth mourning and worth fighting for? Something for you to think about.

Also, if you have 23 seconds to spare, and you are living in Australia, could you fill out this survey and ask three others to as well?
"Our Territory's Social Programme & Public Relations Departments are collecting information on the personal impact of Australia's worsening economic situation. As part of this task we would like to know the response to several questions from a cross section of Australians . Please take the survey that is available on the Territory's home page (http://www.salvationarmy.org.au). This survey will open until Tuesday 5 May 2009 midnight.

Email Link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=pGhUEgaI6MQ9VTYyEmsAaQ_3d_3d

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