09 April, 2009

Fiction meets Reality

I recently read about the filming of an episode of "Law & Order: SVU" that took place at the United Nations, in New York. What struck me about this isn't that it is the first television show to be granted permission to film at the UN's New York Headquarters as much as I was taken by the intent to use the show's popularity to raise awareness of African child soldiers, refugees, warlords and the International Criminal Court.

An actor on the show explained the intent of this particular television program as one that "shine[s] light in the dark places that no one wants to go or talk about because there's usually a lot of shame and denial about it." Drawing on the experience and information from John Prendergast, of the Enough Project, SVU writers and actors sought to make this particular episode as true to reality as possible. I find it strangely ironic, however that a television program is conducting itself in an arguably church-like manner - "shining light in the dark places...".

I applaud the show's producers and crew in getting an episode like this on the air. It should serve as a catalyst for us to take the heightened awareness to the next level of action in doing something about the atrocities executed against innocent people in such situations. Let's pick up the torch and carry the light further into those dark places, exposing the darkness for what it really is.

~ Rob

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Mike said...

That was an excellent episode. Like you, I applaud the show's efforts to raise awareness.