24 April, 2009

The problem with boat people...

“Boat people create a lot of problems for me. I feel like the country is being taken over. They bring their own culture and religion and foods, and they don’t try at all to be like us. They don’t seem to understand that this is OUR country. Now, I understand that conditions back in their homes are not very good, and that they are coming here to make a better life for themselves. But have they ever thought that by coming here and doing the same things they did back home, they are just going to make my country all messed up like theirs is? No, if they want to be here, they are going to have to learn to live like us. Otherwise, my home will be ruined, and that is not fair. And how do they think they are going to look after themselves? I am happy to help out a little and do my share. But if we are not careful, and if we don’t protect our borders from all these boats that keep coming and coming, they are going to take over and then where will we be? So I say, we stand firm on the boat people, and make sure these people do things like us.”

This is not a direct quote, but something I could imagine coming from an Indigenous Australian as the boat loads of convicts and settlers first arrived on our shores. Something to think about as we get protective and defensive about land that apparently cannot be ‘claimed’!

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