13 May, 2009

A tale of two trains

These photos came to me this week for another reason, but as I looked at them, I was of course able to connect it to justice!

So, this first one:

I don't know where this comes from, but I imagine it's not a stretch to say that something like this is a real experience for someone, somewhere. Wow, can you imagine something even remotely like this being a valid form of transport? And I grimace when there are noisy school girls giggling too loudly on the bus!

And this is the second one:

This is a shot from a Melbourne train station this week. And the article from the Herald-Sun reads...
"A HORRIFIED Premier has slammed the actions of a man captured riding on the back of a train. John Brumby today said he could not imagine a more stupid, idiotic or dangerous thing to do. A horrified reader captured the moment a man risked his life hitching a ride on the back of a train on Friday night. Mr Brumby called on anyone considering such a dangerous stunt to think of their loved ones before risking their lives. 'I would just say to that young person, while he may believe he’s infallible and may not care much for his own life if he is injured someone else bears the burden of that,' he said."

It just made me pause for a minute to compare the two situations. One, clearly worse than the other, is deemed 'normal', and the other is deemed an outrage and calls us to be 'horrified'!
It just makes you wonder how our world has developed such disparity of practice and values, and why we are so reluctant to ask some of the bigger questions that could lead to potential answers...doesn't it?


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