12 June, 2009

Freedom Fridays - ACT

Some good news. In case you have not heard - Mars(chocolate) have made a commitment by 2020 that all of their chocolate will be certified fair trade. This is very exciting! The CEO of Stop the traffik says that this shows the tide is turning. The founder of Stop the traffick says that it is up to us, the consumers, to hold
them to their agreeement.


Last fortnight, we looked at CHANGE and we prayed about sex trafficking in particular. We want to continue to focus our prayers on sex trafficking today. During our time of fasting and prayer, we are going to do some further research and reading to enable us to pray more intelligently about human trafficking. Having more information helps our prayers to be specific. Our information comes from http://www.stopthetraffik.org/getinvolved/act/

We will be looking at the ACT/s pack: Action and awareness pack. By reading and praying over what we study today, we are going to be more set up to act.

Follow the link above and then click on “Trafficking in the sex industry”. If you have not been to the website before I recommend having a look around. If you have trouble downloading the pack, you can e-mail info@stopthetraffik.org and they’ll send you a copy by e-mail.


- Join the cries of millions, cry out to God for mercy, cry out for deliverance for trafficked victims
- Thank God for stop the traffik
- Thank God that Mars has made a commitment
- Specifically for the victims of sex trafficking
- Ask God if he requires more of you
- That the cost of trafficking people would outway the personal benefits -the money, power, gratification etc.
- The end of human trafficking, of slavery

Father, we pray these things in your name, knowing that your grace is enough, that lives can be transformed and that hearts can be healed.


Freedom Fridays has been running for a few years. This is the first Freedom Friday to be blogged on Just Salvos. Emails are sent out fortnightly for those who have signed up to this campaign. If you want to join the campaign email mailto:freedomfridays@gn3t.com?subject=Signup

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