14 August, 2009

A perspective rarely heard on asylum seekers...

This quote from conservative humorist P. J. O'Rourke;

'You know, we in the States have much, much more experience with being all wrong about immigration than you do. I mean 36,000 you said in Italy? ... We laugh. That's a day in the United States. And we are so wrong about it. I mean, build a fence on the border with Mexico, give a huge boost to the Mexican ladder industry, you know ... the thing is when somebody gets on an exploding boat to come over here — they're willing to do that to get to Australia — you're missing out on some really good Australians if you don't let that person in.'

'Let them in. Let them in. These people are assets. One or two of them might not be, but you can sort them out later ... I think conservatives are getting this wrong all over the world, I really do.'

A worthwhile perspective, I think...


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