09 October, 2009


In the last 3 months, 18 million people all over the world have heard the message of the Global Poverty Project. Twelve thousand people worldwide have attended over seventy presentations. The movement is in motion...

Join the movement and Stand Up for poverty on the 16th-18th October

As one of over 5000 people to make the commitment to end extreme poverty, your voice has been heard. Now it?s time to continue and to be the change that you want to make in our world.

Leading the movement is about action. Last year, over 117 million people worldwide stood up to say that extreme poverty must end.

In two weeks, the world again Stand Up as one to say that each life is important and extreme poverty has no place in our world. Working with the UN Millennium Campaign and Make Poverty History, we need you to lead from the frontline in the fight against poverty.

Commit now to Stand Up for Poverty

Every generation has the opportunity to do something great. Lets make our generations challenge, to end extreme poverty. Lets all commit to doing something about it.

The Global Poverty Project will support you in spreading this message that needs to be heard.

The Global Poverty Project team

PS -
Click here to take your NEXT STEP on the journey to end extreme poverty.

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