12 November, 2009

Salvation Army to set up stall at Melbourne's Sexpo

Cheryl Critchley
Herald Sun
November 11, 2009

SEX and the Salvos are not the most obvious bedmates.

But the Salvation Army will join the likes of Club X, Condom Kingdom, Fluffy Cuffs, Kinky Boots, Savage Lingerie and Awgasm at Melbourne's Sexpo this month.

Its stall will promote "Christian understanding of sexuality" and raise awareness about the human trafficking in prostitution.

Salvos social justice director Capt Danielle Strickland will distribute material on human trafficking, the sexualisation of girls and "Jesus loves porn stars" New Testaments, which tell how a porn star found God.

But she won't be preaching moral messages.

Capt Strickland is no stranger to sex; she visits many brothels as part of her battle against people being forced into prostitution.

While her stall may end up next to Sex Machines Australia or Dare Fetish and Fantasy, Capt Strickland is well prepared.

"We're not going there to condemn anybody. We aren't going to lecture people. We're going there to be available," she said.

Salvation Army officers attended Brisbane's Sexpo this year, where Capt Strickland said they had a great time and were warmly welcomed.

Coincidentally, the Salvos will also hold their annual commissioning of new ministers at the same venue - Melbourne's Exhibition Centre - on the same weekend as Sexpo.

Next door patrons will be enjoying an erotic film festival, a pole dancing competition and lingerie parades.

Sexpo runs from November 26-29 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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