01 March, 2010

120 years on and the SAME injustices are being doled out on low-skilled, desperate factory workers

The Late 1800’s,

Matches were made using a highly toxic type of phosphorus, which –among other side effects – caused necrosis of the jawbone, a permanent disfigurement in factory workers.

"To force a change to red phosphorus production, and the introduction of the safety match, in May 1891 The Salvation Army purchased a match factory. It immediately implemented red phosphorous or ‘redhead’ production. It then raised the piece rate for workers from tuppence ha’penny per gross to four pence, almost doubling the workers take home pay" (John Cleary, Boundless Salvation)

The Year 2010.

Last week, it emerged that 62 workers at a Chinese factory making products for Apple and Nokia had been poisoned by n-hexane, a chemical that can cause muscular degeneration and blurred vision. Apple has not commented on the plant.




Sean said...

Booth had an eagle eye for instances of injustice just like this. I'm glad there are others with the same perception, and willingness to tackle it head on.

I wonder what happens now.

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