07 April, 2010

A world apart

Today in the news we see two pieces which show just how out of step we are here in Australia with world views on the treatment of women.

In Iceland where around 50% of MP's are women, strip bars (and any establishment where employees are expected to work not fully clothed) were banned. It is clear to the majority of Iceland MP's that women are more than objects to be lured at and used for short term sexual gratification. A spokesman stated that "women - or people in general - are not a product to be bought and sold" - Praise God for their enlightenment!


Here in Australia the NT Government is currently reviewing a request from someone (interestingly enough, a woman!) who wants to run a "mobile brothel" to miners. It seems miners "only have one thing on their mind" when they come out of their hole in the ground. This operator hopes to run her shaggin wagon around the mining settlements with girls on a two week on, two week off roster fulfilling the sexual needs of the miners (and - no pun intended - drillers).

This bus - if approved (which is looking likely) - it seems, would leave women 'locked in' for two weeks while they are driven around the desert being used and discarded by hoards of men "with cash to burn".


We really are a world apart!


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