26 June, 2010

Broken record going round and round...

It never ceases to amaze me why the Australian public cannot seem to be educated on the facts of asylum seekers. As soon as they hit the shores, they hit the headlines (actually, well before!). And now that Gillard is in, everyone wants to know what her stance on border security will be. Little do they know, this issue should not even be a blip on the radar if we looked at the issue numerically. Worst case scenario and we have 5000 asylum seekers in one year, Big deal! Some high schools have more people than that! Certainly not worth deciding an election on...let alone THREE elections!

Here is an article from the ABC website. I encourage you to read through the madness, (I mean comments section below the article) and understand why it is so important to keep on educating and advocating for asylum seekers...no matter how futile! And remember...asylum seekers ARE NOT illegal. And ARE NOT queue jumpers! Think of it as the engagment period before the marriage. Not yet with full legal rights, but a legitimate experience none the less.


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kristopher j said...

Wow! So many heated opinions (that aren't based on fact). I'll be honest though, up until recently I thought similar things - "cue jumpers", "illegals", "taking the place of genuine asylum seekers". Someone one needs to stand up and inform people about the facts so that the hype loses it's sting!