21 June, 2010

Here's another attack on asylum seekers...

Here is a leaflet distributed by the Liberal National Party in Wayne Swan's electorate...


To clarify, this is a motel that the government uses for families being detained while awaiting their refugee status. It is right that we don't place children in detention centres and so the government, both current and previous, place families in motels.

This is a piece of propaganda created to incite hatred and fear toward asylum seekers. And it works. We must be vocal in our advocacy and support of asylum seekers. They are legally seeking protection in Australia having fled persecution. They are not illegal, and they are not in jail. They are doing everything right, and are doing it for the welfare of their family. We must not allow either government to score politcal points by conjuring up racist sentiment, all at the expence of innocent and persecuted men, women and children.

It is going to be a hard fought and bloody election campaign, and we must protect those most vulnerable in the fight. And as hurt as big Kev is in the polls, he's not hurting as much as the six-year old Afghani girl looking for a new and safe home.


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