29 June, 2010

It's not easy being green...

A friend of mine was sitting in Hungry Jacks the other day, and some random guy asked if he could have one of my friend's fries. He gestured yes, and the guy leaned in and grabbed a very large portion of the fries. Now my friend, was gracious (or possibly just admired the audacity) and actually found the situation more amusing than incredibly rude!

When I think of that encounter, I think of the environment. Ok, a bit of a stretch, but hear me out. God has all of creation, and he extends that creation to humankind, and in return, we grab a far larger portion than was offered. Being like my friend, God remains gracious in this. However at some point, you would hope that the person holding the possession not belonging to them would treat that possession, and possibly even the proper owner, with care and respect???

This week on Just Salvos Live, we will look at the environment and its connection with social justice. We will try to iron out some of the propaganda spouted out by interest groups on both sides, and provide a potentially calm voice on issues of climate change, global emissions and basically, the degradation of the earth. Good times! SO tune into


on Monday at 6.30pm EST, or watch it later on that same web address.

For now, have a little gander at this clip (the purpose being the concept and not the actual competition!)


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