01 July, 2010

Big things ahead at Just Salvos...

Just Salvos Live has a big show this Monday at 6.30. We will be talking all things environment...from the oil spills to climate change to cute little orangutans. Join Amanda McKenzie from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the awesome yet peaceful Jarrod McKenna! Tune into http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/sstv/ from Monday 6.30, or anytime after that!

The first Surrender Truth Lab will be held on July 16th in Melbourne. Ron Sider (author of a tonne of books including Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger) will be sharing his thoughts on Christians, wealth and hunger (not surprisingly!) You will have a chance to ask him all those curly questions on how much wealth is too much wealth for a Christian.
Go to http://justsalvos.com/index.php?page=events&id=121 for more details.

Till tomorrow, peace out greenies!

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