25 July, 2010

Clothed in justice

Just Salvos Live will be talking all things ethical shopping tomorrow from 6.30pm EST (or anytime from then on demand at salvationarmy.org.au/sstv.)

For a taster, have a look at these five principles for ethical shopping:

1) Ask yourself: "Do I need it?" We often buy things we don't need. 80% of consumable products end up in the bin within 6 months.

2) Remember: Every choice makes a difference. You may be only one of 6.7 billion people on the Earth, but your decisions count. Your dollar is your vote.

3) Don't be overwhelmed. Learn about the issues behind your shopping, but just take on one issue at a time.

4) Go for the best buy. You won't find the right product all of the time. Choose as best you can, based on your values and availability.

5) Make new habits. Once you learn about a product, put your decision into action every time. Give feedback to the shop or manufacturer - let them know what you want.
* Adapted by Michael Green for The Age 20/4/08
Check out the whole thing and more at: http://www.ethical.org.au/getinformed/principles/

And, youtube 'the story of stuff' (youtube.com) if you have some time as well, and sift through the presentations there. All food for thought as we gear up for a conversation on sweatshops, supply and demand, our constant 'need' for more, and as always...how to change the world :-)

Join us!


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