08 July, 2010

Just when I thought it was safe to be female...

We have our first female Prime Minister, albeit unelected to that role...but she was elected in her electorate, and I am pretty pumped. She is no token lady. She is not there for her looks, and she is no scape goat puppet of the Labor Party. She is competent and smart, and hardworking. She is a role model for myself, and for many women, I'm sure. We cannot underestimate the impact this will have on our culture.

However, just when we think it is safe to be seen as an educated and strong female, another horrendous commercial will be shown depicting women as nothing more than a plaything for men. Two ads have been particularly unclever lately. One is the Brut ad, and the other the Lynx ad. The article attached below will give you more detail.

It is not that there is anything particularly wrong with women being seen as beautiful and playful and skinny. I don't want to discriminate against beautiful women. But I think of Derek Zoolander who asks us "do we ever think there is more to life than being really, really, really, good looking?" I don't have an issue with beauty. I have an issue with the assumption that 'good looking' is how men like their women. That to have anything other than a 'really hot woman' is settling for second best. Can we not start to train boys that there is more to women than walking really slowly in a bikini?? Is it not insulting to men too?

Anyway, here is the article...



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