04 July, 2010

Keeping it in perspective

More on asylum seekers today:

- Julian Burnside QC reminds us that there is only 1 Asylum seekers to every 20 permanent immigrants to Australia.
And who are those permanent immigrants? Mostly tourists who like the beaches and find a way to stay. I have a couple of friends who fall in that category. Do you? And how many asylum seekers have you met?

- Abbott fires us up with news that in 10 weeks we have had 31 boats arrive (about 1500 people)
Wow...1500 people in a fifth of a year! How will we cope???

- Gillard tells us that "People should feel free to say what they feel and for people to say they're anxious about border security doesn't make them intolerant"
It might make them a little irrational though! But, as long as they are not deciding immigration policy, I won't call them intolerant or racist. Though what in the definition of intolerant???

Read this article for the latest updates, and hold out for the announcement on asylum seekers that Gillard will apparently make this week!

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lifewithouticecream said...

Thankyou for posting on this topic...have found it so informative. Wish more people would take the time to learn the truth about it all...