02 July, 2010

Loving the earth

From New Zealand's policy unit:

"We’re starting to see the consequences of our exploitation of the earth. There is no denying the impact of our destruction and we have enough information to realise that we need to respond.

Wendell Berry - theological fuel for our attempts at creation care: 'The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.' 'We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?'

Things you can do to make a difference:

Fan ovens reduce the amount of time needed to cook and also use less power

Electric pressure cookers, pans or woks use less power

Collect rain water or re-use water from sinks, washing machines and baths to water the garden

Barbequing is a great way to save power

Use plastic packaging from items already bought, newspaper or just the bin instead of plastic bin liners

Turn the shower off when shampooing your hair, shaving or soaping

Stainless steel reusable water bottles help eliminate the use of plastic bottles

Make your own cleaning products

Support local organic farmers

Use a cup of water to brush your teeth. It reduces the amount of water used by running the tap

Composting provides essential nutrients for your plants, it will also cut down the amount of your rubbish being sent out each week

Use insulated curtains

Turn off the power by the power point

Buy green, organic or natural products next time you shop

Buy energy efficient appliances such as a front loader washing machine – they use less water

Use rechargeable batteries

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Buy recycled materials

Grow a garden and share the produce with neighbours

Change your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs

Buy a green bag at the grocery store - and use it!

House insulation reduces the need for heating

Thaw food instead of using the microwave

If and when you can, travel on public transport or walk to work

As demanding as these changes are to our everyday lifestyle, it is something that we all need to do if we are to reduce the damage caused by our lack of care and protection of
earth. We owe it to ourselves, to other species sharing the earth, our neighbours and to the future generations yet to come."

Thanks NZ Social Policy Unit. See more at http://www.salvationarmy.org.nz/uploads/Sustainable-Living-Archive-April19-2010.pdf

Now, for those people who don't believe climate change has anything to do with human interference in the earth, know that in doing most of these things, you will save money! Motive enough! And remember, if you do these things and you were right, you have not really lost anything, but if you don't do anything, and you are wrong, you have just hindered every generation to come...

More tomorrow. And don't forget to tune into http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/sstv/ to hear more on the as a social justice issue on Monday at 6.30EST

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