07 July, 2010

This piece from the Refugee Council of Australia must be seen and understood:

Statistics released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) highlight that political scaremongering about asylum seekers entering Australia has little to do with the facts, the Refugee Council of Australia says.

An analysis of UNHCR’s 2009 Global Trends reveals that just 0.5% of the 1.18 million new asylum applications in 2009 were lodged in Australia.

South Africa received 222,324 people seeking asylum in 2009, with other leading countries for asylum applications being Republic of Congo (95,945), Kenya (87,879), Ethiopia (45,763), France (42,118), Malaysia (40,063), Uganda (36,878), Ecuador (35,514), Yemen (34,471) and Canada (33,970). Australia was ranked 33rd for total asylum applications with 6206 new applications in 2009 – 41st on a per capita basis and 71st relative to national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). During 2009, 631,905 asylum seekers were recognised as refugees, with just 3441 (or 0.5%) in Australia. The leading countries for refugee recognition were Republic of Congo (94,126), Kenya (76,133), Ethiopia (42,693), Malaysia (35,524), Yemen (33,541), Chad (33,366), Syria (30,696), Uganda (29,558), Sudan (26,496) and Ecuador (26,342).

The UNHCR report highlights that most of the world’s refugees are being rotected in countries much poorer than Australia.

Of the 10.4 million refugees under UNHCR’s mandate, the largest numbers were being hosted by Pakistan (1,740,711), Iran (1,070,488), Syria (1,054,466), Germany (593,799), Jordan 450,756), Kenya (358,928), Chad (338,495) and China (300,989).

By contrast, Australia was ranked 47th, hosting 22,548 refugees (0.2% of the global total). Australia was 68th on a per capita basis and 91st relative to national wealth. Australia continued to perform creditably in refugee resettlement, with the 11,080 refugees resettled from other nations making up 9.9% of the global total of 112,442. The United States alone received 71% of all refugees resettled in 2009 (79,937).

Refugee Council CEO Paul Power said the UNHCR statistics emphasised the myopic and selfserving nature of much of the political debate about asylum seekers in Australia.

“It’s disappointing that Australians’ natural scepticism of political spin is not being applied to politicians who are trying to create fear and misunderstanding about the numbers of people seeking asylum in this country,” Mr Power said.

“Australians must look beyond the hype and scaremongering and understand that just 3441 asylum seekers were given refugee in Australia last year, roughly 1% of total migration to Australia during the year. Every one of those refugees underwent a detailed assessment of their need for protection from persecution, as well as rigorous health and security checks.”


Why don't Australian's want asylum seekers to be in Australia? It can't be money. We are spending far more on off shore processing than if we were to just accept asylum seekers into our communities (after all, we don't give them any money when they are here!)
And, apparently, it can't be because we are racist???
Then, why is it?!
What are we so afraid of????????

Please try to educate others on the importance of showing respect and dignity to asylum seekers.

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Love this. Totally agree. and thankyou for the information.