03 August, 2010

Another day of $2 a day...

Day two. I have made it through the day despite walking through a food court and living with the constant smell of glazed danish. (I live above possibly the greatest bakery in Melbourne)

The lesson of today? When you have little, you take great care. Of course I didn’t learn that lesson until after I lost my precious chillies! I had two tiny chillies in a small bag, and they must have been thrown out. It was surprisingly disappointing even though their worth was just 10cents.

I can understand how the developed world produce far more than its share of waste. Our possessions and our food are dispensable. It seems even people are dispensable.

Perhaps if we learnt to value what we had more, we would be ok with having less. Perhaps we would look after our things a little better. Perhaps we would even be able to afford to pay a reasonable price for our goods? Wouldn’t that be crazy?