22 August, 2010


Australia had its election yesterday, and no one won! It says a lot about the state of Australia, and we will be talking about that and what's to come on Just Salvos Live on Monday, 6.30pm EST.

But for now, here is a summary of some of the key elements of yesterday printed at the ABC website:
Key points of the 2010 election:

•Australia set for first hung parliament since 1940
•Greens hold balance of power in Senate with nine seats
•Liberal Ken Wyatt elected first Indigenous member of Lower House in WA seat of Hasluck
•Adam Bandt first Greens member elected to the Lower House at a general election
•LNP's Wyatt Roy, 20, becomes youngest person ever elected to Parliament in seat of Longman
•Veteran Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey loses O'Connor to Nationals candidate after holding it since 1980
•Labor's 2007 star recruit Maxine McKew loses seat of Bennelong

In the end, Labor finished with 70 seats and the coalition 72, but you need 76 to take a majority so it will be up to the five Independent seats to decide who they will join to make a minority government. Early suggestions are a Liberal minority government by one seat.

One thing is for sure, the country is not overly impressed or inspired with either of the two parties. There was a 16% informal vote (turning up but not voting correctly) which is huge (and very disappointing) and a massive swing for the Greens in the senate who now hold the balance of power and picked up their first seat in the House. It is all very intersting.

So join us for more on Monday at http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/sstv/justsalvos.htm


Anonymous said...

it is very interesting - i agree.

maybe your interview with adam bandt helped with his popularity to get him across the line :) it was a good interview!

look fwd to watching on monday :)
great work!!!!


Sean said...

Useful, thanks!