18 August, 2010

A lament and a prayer for Pakistan...

Have you abandoned your creation to destruction, and your children to despair?
Have you left us with nothing but our own selves to guard against the evil that surrounds and invades us?
Why Lord can you not come quickly to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan?
Will you continue to let the enemy have his way?
When will your justice flow like the floods covering the homes of millions of innocent victims?
When will your grace pour like the rains that cause such devastation?
When will you show us your powerul and merciful hand?
For you, oh Lord, are the mighy one...mighty to save.
You Lord are the creator God who parts seas and governs kings.
You Lord are the army leader who gathers soldiers and crushes the enemy.
Lead us now to help one another through the trials that seem to hurt some, but not others.
Be our Lord and come to our rescue.
Show us Your ways and lead us in the ways grace, justice, mercy and love.
Come to our rescue.
Be our salvation.

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