04 August, 2010

Nothing over $2!

Day three:
Well, I have made it three full days without cheating, despite being offered the most fragrant and free kebabs at the launch of the Greens campaign in Melbourne tonight. It was a struggle today, as my tardiness caused me to run out of the house without first eating breakfast, and without my lunch! That tupperware container full of delicious plain rice sat in my fridge all day while I worked thirty long minutes away. That brings us to our next lesson: be very organised.

When you are living life on a small budget, you can’t leave home without your supplies. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten my lunch without any fear of going hungry. With about 20 cafes in the street, there has never been any reason to worry. Today, I learnt to wait for food.

It was interesting to think of the transferable skills those living with little have to the world of employment. While working at Employment Plus, I had a lot of clients that were deemed nearly unemployable by employers as they had no ‘skills’. I realise more than ever today, that to live on a small budget, one learns orgainsation, money management, time-management, patience and thriftiness. Sounds like an employable person to me!

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