08 September, 2010

Suicide - silent and deadly

Suicide claims on average the lives of seven Australians a day. There are approximately 65,000 suicide attempts each year – and more than 2,200 loved ones will die by suicide in Australia annually. Despite these horrifying numbers, suicide remains a taboo in Australia and is still horribly misunderstood and mistreated.
Friday, 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day, a global awareness day operating internationally as an initiative of the World Health Organisation and the International Association for Suicide Prevention. This year’s theme is ‘Many Faces, Many Places: Suicide Prevention Across the World’.

‘Suicide can affect anyone and it is up to us to get to know the signs of suicide and how we can not only get help – but how we can also give help’ said Suicide Prevention Australia CEO, Ryan McGlaughlin.

‘We hope that World Suicide Prevention Day can be the catalyst for a national stigma reduction campaign that the recent Senate inquiry The Hidden Toll: Suicide in Australia has called for. This is a day in which we can start to remove the stigma of help-seeking and mental illness and ensure that embarrassment or fear of what others may think never claims another life through suicide.’

Suicide Prevention Australia Chair, Dr. Michael Dudley lamented ‘Australians are more than aware of how to perform CPR after seeing it glamorised many times on television and movies. But if you were to ask how we as people can help those around us with suicidal thoughts, many would be left scratching their heads. Suicide is now the most likely cause of death for men under 44 years of age and for women under 34 years of age – yet no one outside of the sector is actively working to reduce these staggering figures’.

Most people are still shocked to learn suicide claims more lives than motor vehicle accidents, cirrhosis and liver disease, influenza, skin cancers or deadly assaults. It is with this that suicide now deserves the national attention, funding and nation-wide initiatives to raise awareness, dispel the myths and save thousands of lives each year.

Suicide Prevention Australia has launched www.wspd.org.au to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day. The website offers a fantastic range of resources for all Australians to get involved in reducing suicide in Australia.

(info from http://suicidepreventionaust.org/Home.aspx)

Check out http://salvos.org.au/suicideprevention/ for Salvo specific information...

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