03 October, 2010

The Girl Effect

"Over and over, studies have found that the level of poverty reduction and economic growth in a country is directly correlated to the levels of education attained by women - more so than any other factor. " Doug Saunders - Globe & Mail

Did you take that fact in? It means that we have a place to start when considering the eradication of poverty. We know that whatever plan we come up with must redress the issue of inequality, persecution and violence against women, but we also know that it all starts with education, both access to and involvement in. What is going on now that prevents women from accessing education? War and conflict, inequality, a need for women to work or rear children…a whole range of reasons I am sure. We must realise the complexity of factors contributing to their inability to access education, because any success in providing education will first have to address these additional issues.

There is no silver bullet that will ‘fix’ the world. We are going to have to peel back the layers of injustice. And with that, we are surely going to realise that we too contribute to the injustice experienced by others. We are going to each have to examine our lifestyle and decide what we are doing to perpetuate injustice experienced by so many of our brothers and sisters around the world. From the clothes we wear (find out about ethical shopping), to the food we eat (think about environmental issues as well as ethical trading), to the places we travel and the ways we spend our money there, to the political regimes we support both directly and indirectly, to the charities we fund (we need to support the current need while also investing in new and transforming models like micro credit schemes). Take some time to think over how your life could impact negatively on another’s. And then, make a change.

This is a cool little youtube to watch. Yes, it is more complicated than illustrated, but it helps simplfy things a little.


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